Quantum Quartz - Gran-Marbello Stone Benchtops for your Kitchen

Sophisticated & leaves a lasting impression.

Quantum Quartz surfaces are manufactured through combining natural quartz with pigments and polyester resins to bond the stone together. The finished result is a beautiful stone that is more consistent in colour, thickness and texture than natural stone. This material is stronger and harder than granite.

Caring for your surface

Quantum Quartz has a low absorption rate and requires little maintenance. Most liquids if cleaned off in a reasonable timeframe will not harm or discolour this surface. The tops are treated with a sealer and it is recommended that the sealer is reapplied every 6-12 months. Cleaning is easy. Warm water, with neutral stone soap and a soft cloth is the best way, then buff with a dry cloth to finish.

Edge Profiles for material thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm

View our colour samples here.